Image by Christopher Burns


We know photography can make a real positive impact on the world.


At Excio, we're all about championing photographers, providing opportunities to passionately share their work and stories on our platform.


By publishing their photos on our Excio app, our members help thousands of people around the world make their days brighter, learn new information and get inspired. 


With 'Feel Good Photography' you have a real and easy opportunity to make the world a better place if you love taking photos and seeing good through your lens.

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Supporting Good Cause

One of the countless benefits of photography is that it allows you to express yourself, to express what words often cannot: the experience of living with mental illness.


It also helps bring focus to positive life experiences, enhances your self-worth, and even reduces the stress hormone cortisol - whether you are taking photos or just looking at the photos of others. This very process of observing is a meditative task that draws you into a peaceful state.

That's why we started 'Feel Good Photography' project with supporting the Mental Health Foundation introducing a new concept of fundraising - For every 100 visitors who come and explore our members' gallery we donate $1 to the chosen charity. 

Gallery in Your Pocket

If you enjoy the featured images in our exhibition you can see many more from our photographers on our free-to-download Excio app.